Forms a crystallic coating on surfaces


This class of substance is extrasolar in origin, first mined 2154 on Gamma Station 3. The class of substances was named in honour of Bherkan Solomon the astronomer who discovered the asteroids bearnig these substances.

Bherkan easily binds itself to most conventional substances, forming a crystalline finish. Bherkan Substances tend to repel each other.

They are all very susceptible to magic. When bombarded with a combination of mana and radiation Bherkan “dies” and stays bound to the substance it bound itself to.

Blue Bherkan

This type of Bherkan forms a soft powdery rock under normal conditions. It morphs into premade synthetic gadgets if given the right materials and energy.

Red Bherkan

This type of Bherkan formed the overwhelming majority of the scabs extracted by Gamma Station 3. It is by far the most agressive type of Bherkan, readily bonding itself to anything that isn’t another Bherkan substance.

If sufficient amounts of it is gathered in the same place then it slowly evovles into more advanced forms such as blob-forms and living bio-forms.

If bonded to a substance it increases the substances strength and susceptibility to magic while giving it a red crystalline finish.

Green Bherkan

This is Bherkans basic form. It is a viscous liquid at room temprature, when exposed to certain environmental tiggers it permanently turns into another Bherkan colour.

Yellow Bherkan

Binds itself most readily to organic substances. It reconstucts organic materials into complicatd Lopos Lifeforms.


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